Billie Swamp Safari

Billie Swamp Safari

Florida’s Top Everglades Adventure Destination!

Our Everglades adventure Safari is a top attraction for Florida residents and international visitors alike. Each year, thousands come and explore 2,200 acres of untamed Florida Everglades that has stood the test of time, and remarkably preserved by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Thus, we invite you to enjoy and experience the wonders of nature on your next family vacation. Also, guests delight at our authentic Seminole cuisine featured at Swamp Water Café. Whether it’s airboat rides, swamp buggy tours or a live alligator show, Billie Swamp Safari is the perfect destination for kids and adults to experience the Florida Everglades.

  • Everglades Airboat Tours
  • Live Alligator Show
  • Critter Show
  • Twilight Adventure Trips
  • Swamp Water Café
  • Swamp Buggy Eco-Tours
  • Animal Exhibits
  • Live Snake Show
  • Private VIP Tours
  • Seminole Indian Village

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