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  • Seminole Tribe of Florida

    The Seminole Tribe of Florida is known as the “Unconquered Seminoles.” In 1953, the United States Congress passed legislation to terminate federal Tribal programs. While the State of Florida supported the termination of services to Seminoles, Tribal members and their supporters successfully argued against it. Tribal leaders moved forward with their push for independence and by 1957, they had drafted a Tribal Constitution. As a result of this effort, they attained self-government through the formation of a governing body, the Tribal Council, and at the same time, they created the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. to oversee the business matters of the Tribe.

    Today, Seminole gaming efforts support a growing infrastructure for the Tribe’s health and welfare, public safety, education and other services. The economic stability provided by gaming, combined with cattle, citrus and other business enterprises, has made the Seminole Tribe of Florida one of the most successful Native entities in the United States. The Seminole Tribe employs more than 7,000 employees in its casinos, hotels and other enterprises and purchases more than $130.3 million in goods and services yearly.

    In addition to gaming, the Seminoles have many other Seminole tourism-related destinations. These destinations work to preserve the past and present the future of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.