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  • Welcome to the Florida Seminole Tourism Concierge Program

    Discount-Card-FanWelcome to the Florida Seminole Tourism Concierge Program! Your dedication is much appreciated and we will try to help you in any way possible to make our program a success for you.   Authentic and cultural tourism appeals to more and more tourists every day.  Your guests will appreciate the unique everglades experience offered by the Seminole Tribe of Florida and definitely find it worth the drive to Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. The Seminole Tribe of Florida Concierge commission procedures are as follows:

    1.  Use the 10% Off Cards – Give the 10% off Concierge Cards to your Guests. We will send or drop off printed cards and brochures to you – just call (863) 902-3200 ext 13043 or email floridaseminoletourism@semtribe.com. To get started right away, use these cards in the downloadable format. Please make sure you note your name and hotel name on each card. Your commissions will accumulate until your vendor application is finalized so you can get started right away!

    2. Vendor Application –  You will receive a Commission check for 20% for the sales generated from your referrals. Concierge Program Rates & Commission. If you will be receiving the commission payments, use your personal address, email, phone number (not the hotel information). The Seminole Tribe of Florida requires any party who receives payment to fill out a vendor application. Once this is complete you will be issued a vendor number and automatic check payments will be made monthly to the address you provided on the application. Contact floridaseminoletourism@semtribe.com to request the application.

    3.  Replenish – Email floridaseminoletourism@semtribe.com with your name and address when you need your 10% cards and brochures replenished.

    4.  Hospitality Fam Tour & Site Visits –  Once a year you are invited and encouraged to visit Billie Swamp Safari and the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum for a complimentary visit to enjoy our attractions first hand.  Please email floridaseminoletourism@semtribe.com to coordinate your visit, include the names of any personal guests you are bringing with you, they will receive a discounted rate. If you are to busy to visit us please enjoy our video at your leisure here.